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Can SCO Unix OSR5 do NAT or ip filtering (function as a firewall)?

Yes, with "ipfilter"- it's built into 5.0.6 and is available as a supplement for 5.0.4 and 5.0.5- TLS709 ftp://stage.sco.com/TLS/. But note this Sept 14 2000 post from Kamal Mostafa:

The 'ip' driver included in TLS709 needs the routine bcmp(), which didn't appear in the kernel until 5.0.4. After I discovered this problem, I fixed the 'ip' driver so that it no longer needs bcmp(). So the latest version of the 'ip' driver (e.g. from a 5.0.6 system) will work on 5.0.x systems. Eventually, I will update TLS709 with the newer version. In the meantime, replace the /etc/conf/pack.d/ip/Driver.o that TLS709 put there with a newer version. If anyone else is getting this problem, you can either lift the 'ip' driver from a 5.0.6 system, or contact me directly and I'll email you a replacement binary as well. Kamal A. Mostafa SCO Engineering

Kamal has given me permission to put this driver on my site; you can shift-click (or "Save Link As") to download it from aplawrence.com/pub/ip-Driver.o. Copy it to /etc/conf/pack.d/ip/Driver.o and relink your kernel (make a safe copy of your ip/Driver.o first).

You'll also need netstat: aplawrence.com/pub/netstat. Copy that to /usr/bin and

chown bin:mem /usr/bin/netstat
chmod 2711 /usr/bin/netstat

Again, be sure to save a copy of your original netstat!

See also IPFILTER firewalls for OSR5 /Security/ipfilter.html and http://www.pcunix.com/Security/firewallserver.html

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