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Why do I get "dynamic linker" errors or load failures (Old Sco Unix)?

If you get an error like the following.

dynamic linker: svrmgrl: error opening libprogram.so

install_driver(program) failed: Can't load

PERL_MODULE::program: dynamic linker: perl: relocation error: symbol not
found: getrusage at....

These messages all mean that you do not or have not setup LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable or Your Program isn't setting up LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly, or your install of the program was faulty.

This can be solved by adding the shell variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LIBPATH with the proper search path. For example if you are using bourne or korn shell


From the man page on ld:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is also used to specify library search directories to the
dynamic linker at run time. That is, if LD_LIBRARY_PATH exists in the
environment, the dynamic linker will search the directories it names
before its default directory for shared objects to be linked with the program
at execution.

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