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Does SCO Unix OpenServer5 support the 'undelete' feature?

Yes, it does but unfortunately it's not active by default (see the online manual pages for details). To activate it:

- scoadmin -> Hardware/Kernel Manager
- MAXVDEPTH = max number of versioned files
- MINVTIME = seconds after which files get versioned

To activate file versioning on a directory:

- undelete -s <your_dir>

Roberto Zini

John Dubois added:

You don't have to relink. Rebooting may not be a bad idea to ensure that you've set things up such that it will be enabled next time you reboot, but you don't strictly have to do that either. If you just want to try the file versioning (undelete) feature, you can set/change maxvdepth and minvtime on the fly:

mount -oremount -omaxvdepth=3 -ominvtime=1 /dev/fs-name

This affects only the current filesystem mount; if you want it to be enabled next time you boot you need to change it either via scoadmin or by editing /etc/default/filesys.

Also, it should be pointed out that file versioning must be enabled, both in the filesystem and in a particular directory, at the time the files are removed from that directory, or they aren't versioned and can't be undeleted.

See also http://aplawrence.com/Companion/Chapter06.html

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