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Unix (3.2v4.2) and ODT FAQ

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How can I use a PC Card (PCMCIA) with old SCO Unix?

This is an ancient post with no relevance to modern systems.

SCO has released PC Card (The Standard Formerly Known As PCMCIA) drivers for OpenServer Release 5 as TLS619.

Lynnsoft (sales@lynnsoft.com, http://www.lynnsoft.com/software.htm) also makes PC Card drivers for SCO Unix.

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-> -> How can I use a PC Card (PCMCIA) with SCO Unix?


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Wed Jan 25 08:28:51 2006: 1556   anonymous

This one works


Wed Jan 25 11:22:49 2006: 1559   TonyLawrence

Thanks: SCO stupidly rearranges their web structure every now and then. Bunch of morons..

Kerio Samepage

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