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SCO Unix Serial Communications and UUCP

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Why can't I get my dialin modem to work above 9600 baud?

This is an ancient post with no relevance to modern systems.

Because you need the modem speed in /etc/inittab to match the DTE rate that the modem is set for. If the DTE rate is fixed, the modem can connect with another modem at any speed. See /Unixart/hispeed.htmli for a full description of how to do this, but the overall picture is this:

  • The tty device (lowercase version) should be owned by uucp.
  • You need AT LEAST a Direct entry in /usr/lib/uucp/Devices referencing that device.
  • You may optionally have an ACU entry referring to the Upper case version: if you do, put that BEFORE the Direct entry.
  • In either case, make sure the speed entry matches the speed you will use in inittab.
  • Enable the Uppercase version in /etc/inittab at a fixed baud: do not use a cycling baud rate.
  • cu to the lower case version at the speed desired and issue whatever command is required to force the DTE rate to that speed.

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