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SCO Unix Serial Communications and UUCP

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What special considerations are there regarding my Telebit modem?

If you are using Telebit UUCP spoofing (S111=30), the modem spoofing firmware will only negotiate a 3-window connection, so changing the window size to 7 will not do anything for spoofed connections. It will, however, be effective for non-spoofed connections (i.e. if you connect to a site which is not using a Telebit modem).

Some people have reported problems with Telebit modems and UUCP-g spoofing when they change their window and/or packet sizes. Apparently, Telebits can handle requests for increased window sizes without error (though they will only use a maximum window size of 3), but will not work correctly with large packets (probably above the SCO default of 64 bytes).

There is a bug in version LA 5.00W of the Telebit Worldblazer firmware that causes uucico+ADM to fail in startup when the answering uucico is set for windows.

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