SCO Unix/System V Printing FAQ

How do I stop a SCO Unix/System V print job and restart it from the beginning?

When pages jam, it is sometimes a major job to re-print the job. Fortunately, it's pretty simple to starts a job over if it has not already all spooled into the printer's buffer.

The very first thing to do is turn the printer OFF-LINE. That's usually done with a ON-LINE or SELECT button.

(Sys V and Cups) Now type "disable printer", or "disable hallway", or whatever the name of your printer is.

(BSD, LPRng) lpc disable printername

Now turn the printer OFF. This will flush out whatever is in its buffer. Turn it back on, and adjust the top of form on tractor feed models if necessary. Finally, "enable printer", again, using the name of your printer.

You may have "cupsenable" and "cupsdisable" instead.

(If you don't know the name, "lpstat -t | more" should help you).

For Windows, it's the same basic idea: stop the spooler with NET STOP SPOOLER, do what you need to do, and restart it with NET START SPOOLER.

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