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SCO Unix Installation FAQ

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What SCSI adaptors are supported on SCO Unix ?

If you have a running system, look in /etc/default/scsihas for a list. Also, check ftp://ftp.sco.com/pub/openserver5/drivers for newest drivers, and the Hardware Compatibility Lists

For new installs, finding drivers for any new SCSI controllers may be impossible. When I have had to install SCO in recent years (only if there is just no way to use Linux!), I've usually used SATA. Older SCO doesn't even suppprt that, but most bioses let you put SATA in IDE emulation mode, which SCO can use.

Even if you can find a driver, it may not work as controller bioses are often updaed and the driver you found may be years out of date. Chasing this old stuff is time consuming and frustrating.

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