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What are some third-party backup/recovery products for SCO Unix?

There are a couple of categories here - products which are mostly aimed at one or a small number of Unix machines, and those which are aimed at enterprise-wide, multiplatform backup. The following two lists are NOT meant to be all-inclusive, but merely a sample of some of the better-known products.

First, the ones aimed at one or a few Unix machines:

These products tend to be fast and robust, generally offer data compression, and tend to be able to handle errors on the backup media. Many also include, or can optionally be purchased with, utilities to create automated emergency recovery diskettes which are much friendlier and easier to use than the ones you can produce with standard SCO utilities.

Now, a few for those with more ambitious backup plans ... this section is under construction and hopefully I'll have some more contact info shortly.

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-> What are some third-party backup/recovery products? (SCO Unix)

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