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What's this free copy of SCO Unix I keep hearing about?


(And why would you want it anyway?)

On 19 August 1996, SCO announced that the single-user (desktop) configuration of OpenServer Release 5 would be available free of charge for noncommercial use. The package includes OSR5 Desktop, the development system (C/C++ compilers), SCO Doctor Lite, and SCO ARCserve/Open Lite.

Since then, SCO has also released a free version of SCO UnixWare.

For full details, including the license terms and on-line ordering information, see http://shop.sco.com/offers/.

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-> What's this free copy of SCO Unix I keep hearing about?


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Wed May 11 13:05:15 2005: 489   anonymous

Ths link doesn't work!!!

Wed May 11 18:43:15 2005: 492   TonyLawrence

Correct - they no longer offer this


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