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SCO Unix, Xenix and ODT General FAQ

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This article is from a FAQ concerning SCO operating systems. While some of the information may be applicable to any OS, or any Unix or Linux OS, it may be specific to SCO Xenix, Open There is lots of Linux, Mac OS X and general Unix info elsewhere on this site: Search this site is the best way to find anything.

Where do I get kermit?

Update: Kermit is going Open Source as of July 1st, 2011.

The Kermit Project at Columbia University can be found at http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/ or [email protected] The latest version (as of 25 September 1997) can be found, precompiled for a number of SCO platforms, at http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/ck60.html The companion products for Windows 95 and for DOS/Win3.x can be found at http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/k95.html and http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/mskermit.html

And I reviewed Windows Kermit at http://aplawrence.com/Reviews/kermit.html

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-> Where do I get kermit for SCO Unix?

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