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SCO Unix/System V Printing FAQ

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How can I send change defaults permanently; for example make a printer always print in Landscape mode? (SCO Unix/System V )

You need to understand printer interface scripts as explained at the beginning of this section of the FAQ

For this example, we'll use the HPLaserJet model script. In /var/spool/lp/model:

 cp HPLaserJet HPLandscape

Now examine the script. Around line 469, you'll find:

        -landscape | landscape | land | -land) # select landscape orientation

That shows you that when you do "lp -o landscape" (or any of the other accepted variations), the script sets a variable "orientation". Later on, it tests that variable and sends the appropriate control codes.

Previously, around line 266, you'll find:


That's where you make the change. Change


Now, define your printer and have it use HPLandscape as its model.

Other model scripts will use different syntax, but the principle is the same.

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-> (SCO Unix) How can I send change defaults permanently; for example makea

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