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SCO Unix/System V Printing FAQ

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Mixing Synchronics and Realworld or other mixed marriages in SCO Unix/System V printing

Sometimes mixing more than one program causes printer grief because one program adds form feeds to its reports and the other does not, so you have a nasty problem. It's usually not all that hard to fix, though; here's what I did for one customer with that problem:

Synchronics spooled printers are defined in the "synsuppl" file in the Synchronics directory (same thing on RealWorld but file is "run80r"). These take the form of:

 dd_printername="lp -s -dhpjet5"; export dd_printername

What I did was add "-o syn" to each line:

 dd_printername="lp -s -o syn -dhpjet5"; export

Next, I modified the interface scripts. For the hpjet printers, these are found in the directory /usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces/model.orig/ Each file there is the script that print jobs are processed by. Within the scripts, the options are extracted by a section that begins:

 for i in $5
        case "$i" in
        -postscript | postscript)

I added a test for "syn" to this:

 for i in $5
        case "$i" in
                outputmode="raw" ;
                FILTER="sed '$d'";
        -postscript | postscript)

Therefore the script acts this way ONLY if "-o syn" is used, which will only be for Synchronics. Further on in the script, I added a section that tests for $SYN being true, and there I set the lines per page to 66. Finally, the FILTER setting above deletes the very last line of the report, which contains an extra form feed I don't think we want. To disable this, just change


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