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SCO Unix/System V Printing FAQ

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My SCO Unix/System V printer faults and prints same document over and over

The only time I've seen this happen is when some very old interface scripts were copied up to a new version. I never took the time to look at the scripts to see why they weren't working, but apparently they'd hang for some reason, so lp would assume a printer fault, stop the job, wait a bit, and then send it again. And again, and again.. Replacing the interfaces with current versions fixed it instantly.

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-> (SCO Unix) My printer faults and prints same document over andover

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---December 2, 2004

when i turn my printer on the ink thing starts moving back and forth realy fast shaking and making loud oises it wont print anything


I could make a wisecrack about being turned on, shaking and making loud noises, but as Tony has alluded in other places, this is a G-rated area on the 'Net.


---January 11, 2005

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